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小宝贝你下面都湿透了|感应门维修The Chengdu affair fell to the ground with the heads of the main members of a large family, Property confiscation came to an end, but the action of lu zheng did not stop, coinciding with this year shu people were milan disaster miserable, and even many places there are victims, these confiscated property was lu zheng quickly down, pacify the people, and the land will be confiscated according to the guanzhong tax to the people to plant.Chapter one hundred and ten king debateXing Daorong stood under Yuanmen, pointing his sword at Tardif and others and laughing, "Didn't you want us to open the door, Jiangdong rat? Now Yuanmen is open, where are you going?"

Tardif see purpose, also ignore guan yu has rode out, hurriedly patted horses, in the cheers of the defenders of qu a, around a circle around the retreating jingzhou army, into qu a."No!" Method is voice just fell, wei yan and pang tong immediately shook his head, after all, lu zheng identity in there, if lu zheng what went wrong, even if they put zhuge liang, liu bei packed together are irreparable, had it not been for lu zheng stubbornly refused, wei yan all want to keep the elite in chengdu.The men in the first and second trenches, hearing the horn of retreat, hurried back to the rear trenches, while an altar of fire and oil tanks were continually thrown from behind into the first and second trenches.小宝贝你下面都湿透了|"Sze-won, when did you become so generous?" Wei yan puzzled to look at a face of cool pang tong, sincere admiration.

小宝贝你下面都湿透了|"Let him scold, and when he is tired of scolding, he will stop." Pang tong left his mouth, went straight to the gate of the king, to say endurance, originally pang tong is not, but from jingzhou Addis carry away, the kind of injustice can't claim, there is no place to say the day has been two years, want to can't endure, that kind of environment to exercise out of the endurance, zhang fei now sent this point of gas, pediatric."By you!" Wei Yanwen disdainfully shook his head: "The defeated general, Ann dare to speak bravely.""Crossbow down!" Although it is not clear where the sudden emergence of the brute force came from, but now is not the time to consider this issue, if let these brute force rushed in directly, the damage caused is not small.

Tardif has not yet begun to call, was Xing Daorong with thousands of elite to drive back, but also more confirmed tardif heart guess, guan yu at the moment, I'm afraid has been unable to use force, otherwise with guan yu's character, can't let him a lieutenant run out."More than that!" The general excitedly said: "general guan big break lv meng, after recapturing jiangxia, while firewood mulberry emptiness, into firewood mulberry, sun quan several times sent for peace, but was general guan refused, and take advantage of the army, all the way big break nanchang, luling, the whole yu zhang has been taken by our army, jiangdong six county, now only wu county, kaiji, danyang, jiujiang four county."Huang Gai, Han Dang and Cheng Pu came in from outside the temple, With a heavy face to Sun Quan said: "master, an accident, jun military forces recently frequently mobilized, that MAO jie has been in Lujiang area to prepare military forces, seems to go south at any time, in addition to jingzhou detail came the news, zhuge liang's army of shu has taken a boat, along the river, looks like, liu bei this time, is to my jiangdong comprehensive war!"小宝贝你下面都湿透了|





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