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嗯太紧了太深了啊|大型玉米播种机"If yuan shao were to perish, jizhou would fall apart!" Jia xu did not understand the fate, but gave his objective evaluation, if lv bu is the truth, that according to the information collected in these days, yuan shao's eldest son yuan tan and the third son yuan shang, will inevitably because of the loss of the child and conflict.It is only like this, success and success, lv bu will think about these things, but this thought is some can not stop, all sorts of past life, before he would rarely think, but at the moment from the brain to jump, the more do not want to think, jump more joy.Ma chao took a look at the direction li zhao's troops were leaving and shook his head. "no need," he said. "even if we kill them, it will be impossible for us to take all of hedong.

"Yeah, yeah, kind of, I'm a real asshole. I said, don't treat me like a person, don't treat yourself like a person, okay? Are you going to opt out?" Lyu3 bu4 smilingly drag square day draw halter to come over, looking at be wrapped by mud body, already can't see original appearance of female soldier, on the face wear genial smile."That helped me a lot." Lv bu looked at the horse and said with a smile, "any merit will be rewarded. This is the rule of our army. I wonder if Mr. Ma would like to serve under my command?"In the melodious sound of trumpets, yuan shang's troops finally arrived late, lu bu took a look at the direction of yuan shang's horses and horses came, eyes flashed a thick disdain, waved: "Yang hao, retreat!"嗯太紧了太深了啊|Yang fu saw zhaoyun one eye, the course of the matter, he more or less from lv lingqi there understood a few, at the moment smile archway to liu2 bei4: "this want to be the liu bei huang2 shu of liu bei of recent fame far spread?"

嗯太紧了太深了啊|Cao cao's people did not chase after, after the distance, if forced to fight again, it is purely self-defeating, the other side can be cavalry, fight again, can not be as passive as last night."By the way, how is the war situation in youzhou?" Cao cao inquired, as the three parties were in ye chengThe war situation in youzhou gradually became important. If zhang liao defeated yuan xi and occupied youzhou, the war in jizhou would be more unfavorable."Don't be so serious, you are so obedient, can let me very embarrassed, how can I find a space to punish you?" Looking at a group of women, lv bu shook his head sigh way, a group of women immediately more hard.

Originally thought that the matter in the past, who knows xu you but refused to let xu chu: "how? Didn't you try to cut me down? Why not? That's it? Incredibly the bashful say want to seek lv bu revenge, really shameless!""No." Xun yu shook his head and said, "lu bu's potential has been realized. If we don't stop it, the future will be endless!""Ye cheng has been destroyed. It is impossible for lv bu to come!" < / p > < p > guo jia gasping to see the opposite jia xu, smiled: "the text and wisdom, jia is very admire, now lv bu has died, yong liang collapse, the text and why keep this foolish loyalty? Surrender to our army, with the skill of peace, still worry not to be reused? My Lord cao cao, wen he has long admired.嗯太紧了太深了啊|




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