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聊斋之孳欲狐仙2dgmcon"Come in." Lv bu took a look at the cup on the ground, shook his head, sat on his seat and waved to the two women."Well, these things need no explanation, and I have no reason to be jealous of a dead man." Lyu3 bu4 nod, the person all is oneself, followed oneself so many years, difficult way return to worry small qiao because of a dead person make what stupid thing? If so, there is no need to exist."No, no." Pang tong smiled and shook his head. As long as he was allowed, no one was willing to kill him.

As for the overall situation, ma su before the idea and zhuge liang happened to agree, decisive victory in the battlefield outside, pang tong army expedition, chengdu interior must be empty, if at this time, to persuade chengdu family defection, it is equivalent to break pang tong road, this war can be won without a battle.When Chen heard this, he felt chills all over. There was such an inhuman army in the world, and what was more terrible was that no one seemed to know about its existence."The Lord is wise." Jia xu held out his hand and said, "it's just on the songshan mountain. Cao cao has sent some excellent soldiers to guard it. He wants to regain the seal of the king. "聊斋之孳欲狐仙2After a long time, lv meng came out with his eyes red and looked at the chaos of the camp. ?"

聊斋之孳欲狐仙2Soldiers, Chen to clear insight into the opponent's intentions, from fighting, lv meng this tactic is not difficult, but see through, does not mean to stop the water army command, to Chen has practiced hard over the years, but practice preachings, completely can't keep up with the changes of the speed of each other's rhythm, and gradually by the other party holding, oneself can only helplessly looking at warships have been overturned, then each other like a Wolf jump, eating away at the soldiers at the life."Men may see only I master back your family land, but not see, I master in recovery of these at the same time, but also for family opened up a new trade routes, the silk road of what interests you also heard, as long as there is enough strength, are feasible, the silk road, protected by our army, the official master, if you have any family can get more preferential tax policies, unified thought, the only one, is enough to diminish lost their land cause losses to you."When the news of zhou yu's death came to jianye, sun quan sat in his chair, looking at the document in front of him.

"The Lord was also imprisoned in the imperial palace of ci shi, which was to be sent to luoyang, but was stopped by the people of those noble families and asked to dispose of the Lord. "Sir," said the steward, "do something.""This battle is very important to zhou yu. If he wins, he will be able to ease the internal contradictions in jiangdong with jingzhou. But if he loses, the internal contradictions in jiangdong will become increasingly acute. "Jia xu did not finish, but looked at lu bu with a smile.Ford did not know, because it was only a single line transmission, the jiangdong side would not give him any reply, nor asked him to do any preparation, but he thought it was a good opportunity, but the jiangdong side, it is not necessarily so, or did not expect there will be this pouring rain, suddenly missed the opportunity.聊斋之孳欲狐仙2




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