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潜行狙击 结局|无锡进口食品批发"Go down." Lu bu nodded.Yuan shang could not help frowning slightly after hearing the speech. Now some people have called him Lord gong, only zhang he has been given the title. Does this mean zhang he has the same grudge against him?"Mr. Zhengnan rest assured, I have ordered the old general han rong to back up the second brother." Yuan shang smiled and said, "han rong is the only veteran under yuan shao's command. He is known as the king of guns in hebei. Although he is old now, he is old and vigorous, and he is more proficient in the art of war.

Careful smell speech, shook his head: "in this few days, our righteousness, and after you have seen the tetrarch, immediately back to camp, the thirty thousand troops, must grasp in our hands, master has made the commandment, LiSan childe as heir, but the big childe incited by guo figure, etc, recently are being courted by generals, I am afraid of master date, is their mounts, wait when preparing early!""General, where are zilong and xingba? Why don't you see them?" Xiong kuo hai turned around, but did not see zhaoyun and ganning shadow, not surprised by the way."The champion hou Dan can say no harm, I hope you can listen." Xu shu looked solemn and nodded.潜行狙击 结局|"A little unstable." Lv bu shook his head and said, "the loose organization of these people cannot shake the rule of our army. Moreover, I also made it clear that if we want to become the han people, we must first learn the etiquette of the han family, wear the clothes of the han family and speak the official language of the han family. If we cannot even do this, why should we let the han people accept them? Who are you to call yourself a han?"

潜行狙击 结局|Jia visit smell speech heart move, to ma chao way: "general, I have a plan, or can cheat li man into the city to fight!"Calculate these in the mind, li dian begins to urge troops to clear up baggage as soon as possible heavy, he should press force as soon as possible in the border of river luo area, calculate to do not have too big effect, but also want to let the soldier horse of lv bu at least give birth to a few fear heart."So, luoyang must be taken as soon as possible, but before this, must first reach a consensus with yuan shao, if yuan shao does not agree to join forces, I am afraid the Lord can not rest assured to send troops to luoyang. Country on fox fur robe, lightly sigh a way: "is there, had to kill the sun ce, there's a blue-eyed son play games in the dark, lyu3 bu4 side, next secretly search for many days, although some hatred of lu bu, but with these people, are less than lyu3 bu4, lyu3 bu4, approaches are of the utmost importance, no matter general officer, not to a certain level, can't close to the core."

The guards at the door said yes and ran out as fast as they could. In a short time, zu su was led up by two guards, but he was not tied up."No harm, I wait at the door." Liu bei smiled with relief."Lu bu has not been seen in chang 'an for seven days." Country to cao cao, earnest way: "although has long been typing lyu3 bu4 banner on changan still name, but lu bu he attaches great importance to the livelihood of the people, according to the past two years to collect intelligence, as long as he is in changan, always appeared in a day, or go to changan office, or barracks, but now, for seven consecutive days did not appear, I'm afraid... "潜行狙击 结局|




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