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李继耐侄女|情趣内衣网店代理"Wei Yan?" Sitting on top of the handsome, zhong yao thought about the strange name, don't know where lyu3 bu4 is from the member of the general, it seems, not only martial arts, and on the use of more than cao peng comparable, if there is a chance, as income, look at another humanity: "Zhong Cheng, you go to the people to find out who this wei yan is, as soon as possible."Ezra pound bit teeth, will d pick up, tied to d's war horse, turned on the horse, pulled d's horse toward the direction of jing."At the end of the day will be willing to go!" Account YanLiang, clown at the same time, bow down.

Chapter VI Baishui QiangNorth palace away from a stare, fiercely stare at d: "little white face, will speak empty words, can dare to fight with me?""My niece is handsome, and she has a spirit that the Han women do not have. She will be a beautiful woman in the future." Giffin to Yang Wangxiao way.李继耐侄女|"How shall I reply?"

李继耐侄女|"Qiang people, qiang people rule, master this method is very good, can be said to be off the qiang people's worries, if you can successfully persuade white water qiang, other qiang people in the future, will have to vote." Back to the Yang Wang for lyu3 bu4 arranged accommodation, giffin smiled at lyu3 bu4 way.North county, Fuping county, a vast army of west cool toward Fuping direction.Account people smell speech, can't help but draw a mouthful of air conditioning, lyu3 bu4 military forces add up now, also less than half of the others, of course, this can't include those just established township yong, more importantly, lyu3 bu4 is now under infantry, cavalry less than two thousand.

"I'll find out when I ask." Zhong yao toward the account outside lang track: "bring wei yan messenger in.""But if someone wants to take advantage of the mountain, tell the army, don't need to be soft, directly to the thunder means..."Lyu3 bu4 looked at hua tuo, narrowed his eyes slightly, if you can use some blood, retain hua tuo, the top medical talent, the deal is not a loss.李继耐侄女|




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