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美籍四川人陈德宁|锡块回收"Son of a bitch! That wei yan is one of the earliest four world wars under lyu3 bu4 will, once defeated zhong yao under the bully, slay general cao peng, how can be nobody?" Xu chu dissatisfied stood up anger way.Speaking, step root is not into the back, hand machetes dance a knife light, will be around xianbei cavalry kill scattered, with their horses together, screaming mournfully: "children, with me to kill out!""You... stop!" Women now meet lyu3 bu4 bully fierce impact, slender waist crazy swing, some rejection, and some don't give up.

The satrap mansion, lobby, zhou cang angrily came to lyu3 bu4, sink a track: "indeed as expected, the master warehouse, there are a lot of sergeant guarding, we just close, was advised back by the sergeants, master, that gu didn't tell the truth.""Thank you Khan for your concern." Lyu3 bu4 try to let their performance bitter and astringent, sink a track: "The dead people, can get khan to accept, is fortunate, let alone khan has been to me these remnants of the soldiers quite thick, dare not complain.""Who dares to move? There is no forgiveness!" Lyu3 bu4 tiger eyes a stare, sent out a burst of roar, like a flat thunder rang in the ears of eight hundred county soldiers, shock people eardrums tremble, buzzing, pale, a close to the county soldiers face suddenly a flush, followed by a mouthful of blood, soft fall to the ground, twitched a few times, no sound.美籍四川人陈德宁|

美籍四川人陈德宁|Zhang gu carefully looked at lyu3 bu4 one eye, and looked at a title of generals in ancient times is only one hundred people camp, although it looks elite, but the number is too small, turned to look at wang yong, but see wang yong also make eyes at him."Monsieur Han Sui, patriarch, asked to see you." A guard came in and said respectfully."I can 't wait that long!" Lyu3 bu4 shook his head flatly: "Although lombardi lost a game, but the details are still there, three months, lombardi enough to send a support army, then, bing situation will be more chaotic, perhaps with yuan benchu to a decisive battle!"

Moonlight for the vast prairie across a layer of silver, silent moonlight, the whole prairie into a hazy sense of silence, occasionally came a wolf or two screaming, in this cold moonlight, let a person feel desolate."Kirby can, it's so late. What's the matter with you all?" Soon, the leaders of the other four tribes gathered in the handsome account of Kirby Neng, Kirby Neng now since the shooting step to root, prestige, hidden, has become the first of the five tribes, naturally also caused some people's resistance, Murong Gui dissatisfied with looking at Kirby Neng Tao."Khan, general, please, save our tribe!" To report to the huns for help soldiers knelt on the ground, squeaky pleaded.美籍四川人陈德宁|





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