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萧敬腾疯粉事件|赣州中国银行"Huh?" Zhang ren, Deng Xian, ling bract smell speech can not help but be dismayed, In contrast to the one-to-two gap in strength, Near total annihilation, but less than 30% of them were damaged, In their view, It's been a life-long battle to show off, Don't say what pretty people are not qualified, in fact, shu in the past, almost all fight with pretty people again, sometimes even lose, but such a record, in the guanzhong army, not only not glory, or even see wei, or a disgrace, it makes them these shu famous general situation? That's a big gap, isn't it?"Wei Yen-hsiao, can you dare to come out and fight the Third Master?" Zhang fei holding zhang eight snake spear, came to the front of the two armies, glanced at the formation of the guanzhong army, the bottom of my heart secretly sigh the guanzhong army at the same time, leaping forward, invited to wei."General, what are they doing?" Nanyang city, a few jingzhou generals puzzled look at li yan, don't understand pound this is what medicine to sell.

Zhuge Jin shook her head, sighed, and smiled bitterly. "Master forgave me for my sins, but I was incompetent and failed to persuade Liu Bei to withdraw."In fact, In the training tasks of the Guanzhong Army, These melee skills, with is the mainstream, as for the world famous guanzhong strong crossbow, in fact, because of its simple operation, and precision, because of the group shooting, only need to be roughly accurate, don't need to be excessively on the precision of the pursuit, otherwise just zhang fei can't be so easily on the whole body and retreat.Meaning, you go to war at this time, is to give others a chance, zhang fei gas straight blowing beard, but zhuge liang at this time, zhang fei also can't help but stare.萧敬腾疯粉事件|Stay back, only to find that PianJiang was at least a dozen arrows through the body nailed to the ground, and look around, their own dry QinWei also poured a piece, not bitter, hurriedly waved to his men to send a signal, let the other side of the troops from behind the enemy.

萧敬腾疯粉事件|Four elite guanzhong rushed into the army, shu army is silent around, watched his master was taken away, but no one dare to resist.He qi and zhou tai hurriedly hand promised.Under the wall, there are still undead men moan in despair, whether it is the enemy or his own, even if saved, the probability of survival is not high, if the war began, lu su can also have some compassion, then listen to these if there is no moan, in addition to numbness, the rest is only indifference.

Lu su commanded the men to push down the corpse on the wall, there are enemies, also have their own people, has begun to dry up the dark red blood and the corpse interweave, in the sunset, as jiujiang county, at the moment the YinLing like a piece of shura hell."Tracing the cause has gathered in danyang, wu county fifty thousand troops, master, our army is not without the force of world war I, why to the liu bei?" Tardif stepped forward and handed him his hand. "Master," he said, "please grant me permission. Tomorrow I will go to Qua to fight Guan Yu."Chapter one hundred and thirteen god arrow retreat萧敬腾疯粉事件|




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