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亚洲鸟王|甲虫车As for the western region of the thirty thousand army can not be lightly moved, not only to suppress the slaves of zhangye, more importantly, to deter the western region countries."My Lord, there is a group of women who claim to be from the western regions. Jiang lost in a face came in, some strange way to lu bu."What then?" CAI MAO eyes flashing with a touch of anxiety, never thought that the enemy was accurate in their mind, that lv bumang fu side when such a figure?

"Big brother trust, little younger brother this lead a person to intercept them! It's just... "CAI zhong hesitated for a moment and looked at CAI MAO." the sovereign has sent liu pan to meet the emissary of lu bu."I'm a rough man." Looking at the young man, lu bu could not have imagined that pang tong would bring him such a surprise.The almost deafening hum was followed by a heart-rending scream and the smell of blood in the air.亚洲鸟王|"You send someone to inform the cities, CAI MAO if really with the army to come, do not allow his horses into the city." Huang zu looked at huang shoot.

亚洲鸟王|"Lord, there are many." Is responsible for managing the book store is the west cool Kong Xin to celebrities, rumours of the ancestral is a saint, as for whether really can't fastidious, anyway, is not recognized as a saint after jung Kong Xin that a talented, but in Chen gong's words is talking and if let him over the place, only will be a mess, but not need not, had been sent to manage lyu3 bu4 changan publishing company.With a sigh, liu bei pushed the door open and went out, only to see a huge figure standing in the courtyard under the bright and extinguished flame, with a sense of loneliness.High flying horse forward, more than the chaos fled the soldiers, harsh voice way: "what happened? Where is the zen wall! ?"

At that moment, the thunder on the horizon seemed to become more clear. At the same time, the rear of lv bu was agitated. Many slaves pointed to the rear and shouted in horror."Why is that? General office, liu shi a face of vacant looking at a face of bitter son.Looking at zhang he's determined expression, lv bu nodded silently, without any further advice, but slowly raised his hand in the skySince these family giants secretly lyu3 bu4 difficult for him, then don't blame lyu3 bu4 dirt on them, as long as the way to open, lyu3 bu4 can also take this opportunity to gain a foothold, step by step from the hearts and minds, establish a government's credibility, and weaken the family influence on hearts, will people skip family, in their own hands, as long as the set up, the next step, you can begin to accept family, lyu3 bu4 credibility established at that time, even a family can only be lyu3 bu4 circles.亚洲鸟王|





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