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古今船都网香菇丝批发"Get up, after the general will give you a decent identity, understand? If there is any requirement, just say, as long as it is not too much, the general will agree to you." Lyu3 bu4 looked at the look of the recovery of the cool woman, wearing a loose robe stood up and appreciated the woman's moving posture."What is it?" The mood is bored Santa smell speech glanced at his men, impatient way.Lyu3 bu4 smell speech suddenly looked back, deeply looked at the woman, blurted out: "CAI wenji?"

"The grass people want to take warm hou some blood, a cup can be." Hua tuo looked forward to lyu3 bu4.D looked up, looked at the direction of the city, twisting his head doubtfully looked at pound."Well." Ma dai looked at d left direction, he knew, this time want to advise brother is difficult, promised, with one thousand cavalry slowed down, at the same time sent investigation ride around, to avoid being cut off.古今船都网"Yes, sir, close up!" The general hung up his sword, a wave of his hand, suddenly appeared on both sides of the mountain a lot of figure, quickly converge to this side, under the count, unexpectedly enough to have more than five hundred people.

古今船都网"Here!" Xu rong smiled and nodded, he has understood lyu3 bu4 motive.Eighty zhang, has been to the edge of the pit, with the setting sun gradually set, gallop in the huns can't see the crisis is approaching, irreversible head into the trap dug up in advance."Er..." Zhou Cang smell speech, embarrassed scratched his head, bandit origin he used to poor, see so much hay, almost can't walk the road, at the moment just remember, they come out this time, but not just robbing food so simple, immediately wondered: "Why are those prisoners released? Even if can't recruit surrender, can kill them, lest have time to turn around and hit us again."

RiLe sink a track: "Do you know that the han Chinese master will be who?"Although there were some accidents, But can find CAI wenji here, for lyu3 bu4, it is a big gain, this is not just a woman's problem, sorted students throughout the world, if can draw on the reputation of CAI wenji to attract these people, don't say one in ten, even one in a hundred people can get, for lyu3 bu4, is also a good thing.Changan, the former zhao temple is now lyu3 bu4 deal with political affairs, at the moment, zhao temple, Chen Gong, giffin, marotta, zhang liao, seibel, wei, xu sheng, chen xing, tube hai, in addition to wu guan defense hanzhong blanc failed to show up, lyu3 bu4 account civil-military almost all gathered here.古今船都网




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