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警坛风云第二部|贵妃鸡价格"Big brother doesn't know?" Kun mu made a surprised look at jun han."The man is dying. Why take him?" On horseback, pang tong looked at the man in the past coma, grumpy pie pie mouth way: "give him a drink, our wine is not much."A group of people who had been busy farming gathered together to look at the building in front of them and whispered, wondering what the purpose of such a big thing was.

For women, lyu3 bu4 preexistence is not too important, because when the identity and status to a certain height, all men are mortal, there is no essential difference, he can screw, missed the age when you can fall in love, when the fame, love is no longer attractive, at that moment, he felt, emptiness.Even someone want to lyu3 bu4 under official, on this point, however, is not can't, but should pass strict screening, ability, moral character, fathers eight generations, and then should go to the palace at work for a period of time, Chen called the apprentice, after the trainee, ability, and can only be tube management, military, lyu3 bu4 never allow family.Addis like this time possessed, crazy delving into lyu3 bu4 to her training experience, it is a title of generals in ancient times lyu3 bu4 training camp method, on the female body may not be able to fully apply, but Addis in this respect, has a good talent, she formed owl camp on the assassination is indeed a perfect female advantage all play out, these can not be taught him lyu3 bu4, if use the method of lyu3 bu4 training camp a title of generals in ancient times was to train women, even if trained, is a group of five big three thick woman man.警坛风云第二部|Yuan Ben the first four three public, weijia hai, the four states of the territory, how also than you lu bu a rough man strong, difficult not you also fight over yuan shao not?

警坛风云第二部|"Gao shun!"Back to the general, was formally established before my night owl camp since may, by general lu skill training, 31 times during combat, operational objectives are small fortress, as further force within the territory of all the righteous with the wicked by the local village mountain thief, so far, thieves, bandits attack killed mountain three thousand, gongs goods coin eighty-nine thousand." Li shuxiang poker-faced answer way."There is only one way for soldiers to prove their prowess, and that is military achievements. From now on, I will set up ten shanzhai, and within ten days, one shanzhai will be broken every day. Lv bulang voice way: "today the training is over, tomorrow start, formal selection."

"The report ~"One kind rents the means pay of store namely, another kind is the amount that trades according to will pay tax, be in half to 10 percent commonly between.This is in the trip purpose, accompany a wife to come out is a kind of prenatal education, the next time, lyu3 bu4 walk the sable cicada in the bazaar, looking at large and small shops in a wide variety of goods, and some even bring over western hu shang, lyu3 bu4 informed, naturally there is no surprise, but for the sable cicada, it is a novelty.警坛风云第二部|





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