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公车 暴露 调教校花|长安工具车After a while, He Man came in with a fat man, and when he saw Lyu3 bu4, he hurriedly wanted to kneel down. Lyu3 bu4 waved and said, "Don't bother, who are you?"But the victory of guandu war, lyu3 bu4 prairie victory news, make lombardi, cao cao, lyu3 bu4 before the existence of a weak balance was broken, was originally cao and lombardi together against lombardi, but with the defeat of lombardi, cao cao momentum, this short-lived alliance is automatically lifted.Zhang gu carefully looked at lyu3 bu4 one eye, and looked at a title of generals in ancient times is only one hundred people camp, although it looks elite, but the number is too small, turned to look at wang yong, but see wang yong also make eyes at him.

"This matter, when the table master." Matching a calm face, He knew that this was a good opportunity to bring down xu togeher, But the current situation, Yuan Cao decisive battle has reached a critical moment, Internal absolutely can't mess, so with the idea of trial, is to inform lombardi, and remind lombardi in the letter, at this time can not move xu togeher, otherwise it is easy to make internal chaos, there is no contradiction, after defeating cao cao, say again not late, but xu togeher, is must in addition, but wait until after victory.Zhang he didn't expect d anger, unexpectedly make a breakthrough again, frightened at the same time, point steel gun to block, still can't completely block, d a shot in the shoulder, point steel gun eat pain in the hand, almost out of hand rather than.Ten thousand?公车 暴露 调教校花|On the other hand, Chen Xing horses are still galloping, but the body is stiff, slowly bowed his head, incredibly looking at the chest out of a cluster of arrows, blood along the arrow not dripping, the whole body's strength like a tide with the loss of blood and continue to disappear.

公车 暴露 调教校花|..."General, how to do?" See startled awake each other, followed by a title of generals in ancient times camp commander He Man exclaimed.Side of the giffin laughed: "master this move, in addition to these, can also increase the attraction of talent, I harmony cool place, or lack of people."

"Kill! Kill none of these bastards!" Unfortunately, this time, is holding the heart of revenge to the horse brothers, looking at kneeling down please soldiers, no mercy, Ma Tie raised his silver gun, did not hesitate to sweep in the throat of two xianbei soldiers.This is a provocation, direct elimination also just, so let out words to threaten, if xianbei king's court without any expression, the authority of xianbei king's court will fall sharply, I'm afraid those dependent on the king's court tribes will also have to leave the king's court, for the moment the prestige of the king's court is not enough, is definitely added to the woes.公车 暴露 调教校花|





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