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首批塑料钞票发行太空一号高瘦鞋"Damn it! Zang ba's eyes were red. It was the first time in his career that zang ba fought such a subdued battle. Even when he faced lu bu in xuzhou, zang ba was not so embarrassed.To let oneself sword, become an assassin, shi a did not have repute, jing ke stab qin, same can be efficent forever, today, he should imitate jing ke.At the gate of xuchang, a cavalry trooper trod on flying snow and came to the gate.

"Duke, Mr. Gong tai would like to see you." Is dining room, core son came in respectfully said a.Ma chao was about to come forward, the magnificent sea has taken the first step to stand up, looking at the color eyes general way: "with you, also want to challenge my Lord? Beat me first."He shook his head and said, "cao cao, liu bei, liu zhang, zhang lu and even sun quan are all possible. In this world, there are many people who want our father and son's life."首批塑料钞票发行"Commander, liu bei's army is fifty miles away from xiangyang. Zhang yun hurried to CAI MAO mansion, a face anxious look.

首批塑料钞票发行In the distance, xia houyuan with the army slowly stopped in three miles away, frowning at the circle shaped barracks.Xuzhou, as the first big family now xuzhou, Chen jia for this clear assassin is undoubtedly the most keen, the bureaucracy of xuzhou days almost paralyzed, more let Chen GUI concern, in this time to assassinate, Chen jia is obviously the other key to the goal, this just half a month of time, nearly half the chens' children's assassination, Chen jia industry is indifference."Lu hussar is one of the most important princes in the world. How could he, for the sake of children, make such a fool of himself by encouraging all the officers and soldiers of the whole army to join him?" Gu shao disdains the cold hum 1.

"Kill!""Kong Ming and shi yuan, are a rare talent. Xu shu nodded his head and sighed. Lu bu once said, "in this world, there is a genius."What are you trying to say? Zhang lu turned his head and looked at Yang song sensibly. The icy look made Yang song take two steps back unconsciously.首批塑料钞票发行




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