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储乔|手机充值卡网店代理"Your frost country? The army?" Lyu3 bu4 looked at Lan Zhan one eye: "Let me calculate, even if you go back now, want to mobilize a national army, at least also want to master power, your frost is no less than the big fellow of the big country, even if you one day master power, when will that be?"The woman is not stupid, but also quite wrist, almost even oneself have been around, lyu3 bu4 looked up and looked in the direction of the king's tent, eyes flashed a sneer, hum, since dare to murder me, that not only you lost your body, even the soldiers also want to fold!Five years after the founding of the People's Republic of China, For the Central Plains, It's definitely not a good year, Cao Cao and Yuan Shao were in Guandu, Confronted for nearly half a year, from the time the snow has not yet melted, both sides in the guandu area, the fight for the start of a desperate struggle, all kinds of means, heap earth put arrows, dig tunnels, the battlefield can be used to the east method, or even forced to improve the catapult, out of a thunderbolt car.

Although the soldiers who had settled a section of the wall, But when the gates were opened, Something happened, Falling in before grant but arranged for two groups of people stationed on the wall and under the wall, Originally to guard against lyu3 bu4 attack during the night, The soldiers went up to the city, Psychologically, Give the soldiers in the guarding city an illusion that reinforcements are coming, can stabilize the morale of the army, But at this time, It worked wonders, The action of a title of generals in ancient times camp after all some noise, although killed ChengTou soldiers, but let the soldiers at the gates of the alert, responsible for the section of the wall of the small school did not sound, but ambush, wait for the male broad sea with people touch to the gate, suddenly fight from both sides, a time, surprised shout ShaSheng woke up all around the soldiers, rushed toward this side.The art of attacking, Giffin is good at, lyu3 bu4 is also good at, and now, is the best growth environment of these offensive techniques, kirby can decision-making failure, TaBaJiFen the swing group plus murong gui the opposition is unfavorable on the one hand, if there is enough time, kirby can ability, also have a way to resolve, but lyu3 bu4 obviously didn't give him the time to prepare.Seeds of distrust, Not only in the sword of two leaders, even under their soldiers, if you know the army, can see, now the thirty thousand troops in the barracks, in fact, is divided into a small group, distinct from each other, such a coalition, even if the number of people, in fact, in lyu3 bu4 view, no longer have a threat.储乔|Zhang he quite embarrassed to return to the wall, a face of shame to falling in to grant fuels: "regret not to listen to the words of the strategist!"

储乔|Daxi new depressed nodded, not a hole, a pile of gathered, unexpectedly will his army of one hundred and fifty thousand block here.Cao cao realized his own way in his later years, so with meng de's new book, lyu3 bu4 guessed that the new word, is the core of cao cao's thought, but, by zhang song that defeated the ghost of ugliness, the masterpiece did not survive.

Jiang Xu bowed down and said, "XiaGuan is taught."Looking at those scrambling western xianbei soldiers, kui head is about to order the arrow, TaBaJi powder eyes flashed terror around, also no longer pay attention to kui head, directly turned the horse head, while crazy twitching the hips of the horses, while harsh voice roared: "run! Run!""Kirby can, it's so late. What's the matter with you all?" Soon, the leaders of the other four tribes gathered in the handsome account of Kirby Neng, Kirby Neng now since the shooting step to root, prestige, hidden, has become the first of the five tribes, naturally also caused some people's resistance, Murong Gui dissatisfied with looking at Kirby Neng Tao.储乔|




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