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郑宇成|石家庄企业If we do not break shu zhong, this is a dead end. Only by taking shu zhong, can the three princes coexist and make concerted efforts to form a north-south counterbalance with lv bu. Therefore, no matter how difficult shu zhong is, we must take it."You say, call me!"Cold awn is bright, blood beam splashes, tiger wei leads to dead did not see clear what the other side is after all person, but see that arm, should be a woman?

"General, get out of here. The men can't carry this. These fools are crazy!" < / p > < p > xing daorong killed guan yu side, panting like cattle pulled guan yu, whining, he is really some kill afraid."Zidu coming? With a bitter smile, liu zhang suddenly looked at meng da and said, "at that time, lu bu promoted the land leveling in jizhou, which aroused people's support. Now, I promoted the land leveling in yizhou, which benefited the people even though it was an evil family.Wei Yanwen said, nodding silently, tough road in the shu, even have a map, without knowing the terrain of led, can get lost carelessly, actually have been to chengdu from LangZhong, wei yan had a similar experience, in the heart also not lucky method is using that way scored milan, otherwise, the single from hanzhong way to chengdu, if storm, light is called road I'm afraid I have to spend a year or two, let alone a while to get half of the profit of it.郑宇成|To break siege ladder was hit directly, guan yu and dejong fell seven meat eight element, looked around his brain burst in the conference semifinals, two people can't help but qi qi to lambaste 1, follow guan yu to kill a school hand a knife on the wall also failed to escape, guan yu dark hate in the heart, but also know that this moment is not the time for pipe these, together with dejong, hold up a piece of wood, quickly go to retreat.

郑宇成|"In addition to this, he will also bring orders for his master to ride an hussar." The magnificent sea from the arms took out a token, show to all the way.In a series of dull sound, some giant arrows even shot through wood armour, almost nailed this one wood armour on the ground, guan yu a knife will root in the ground of the giant arrow cut off, with xing daorong quickly out of the other side's range."Swish ~"

"Ford? "I also have this idea, but how to use it, but it should be carefully considered, but I think that the piece of wang seal should be taken back, one shu, is also the time to seal the king, and can also give liu bei and cao cao between some blocking! What do you think of wen he?"Liu zhang swore in the courtyard. With an iron complexion, he followed meng da to a wing and looked at him coldlyLangzhong, shu army battalion.郑宇成|




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