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沈言梁笙卫生间 那一章纯果肤立白"This …" Xie Yun stared, five fingers moved, forced the anger of the heart frown way: "At the end of what will make a mistake, how can I cut my military power without reason?""No, we shouldn't have had an accident because we had mental arithmetic." Ma shook his head, in fact, his heart at the moment also have no bottom, rashly angry words, really have a high success rate, but if the news leaked, the other party had already prepared to do?"Sir, there is a messenger from jingzhou outside the city, please go to the front of the order." Pang tong is studying the terrain, deng xian hurried to pang tong bow way.

Xuchang, the palace."Oh? Blocked? Cao cao didn't do it?" Luoyang, a title of generals in ancient times riding hall, is with giffin lyu3 bu4 surprised at the information sent up by the night hawk, pass the information to giffin, turned to look at the night hawk: "closely monitor the movements of both sides."沈言梁笙卫生间 那一章"Er..." Ma Su speechless, their feelings have lost from the beginning, whether they can control chengdu, the front of hay can't be broken.

沈言梁笙卫生间 那一章"Absurd!" Ma Su sneered: "Frontline strategist and Pang Shiyuan are now in a stalemate, who wins and who loses is unknown."King!Luoyang city, around the hot discussion of the news, and lyu3 bu4 as a party, but sat in the hall of a title of generals in ancient times, looking at a group of red-faced officials for the king.

"Looks like three more defeats?" Ma sneer at a way.On the city of nanyang, because of the reason of the trenches, it is difficult for nanyang city to send scouts to inspect the surrounding areas, plus pound's blockade, so that the city of nanyang is almost cut off from the outside world, only to see pound these days continue to dig trenches in the periphery, for a time puzzled."In my opinion, you're not as good as Chao Kuo." Lyu3 zheng walk in the street at will, the corpses on the ground did not affect his conversation.沈言梁笙卫生间 那一章




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